I am very happy I did

After being arrested Mr. Turner came to the detention center I was in he assured me he would do everything in his power to help me. After careful consideration I chose Turner and Associates but more specifically Don Turner to represent me. I am very happy I did so. Once I arrived at his office he explained exactly what I had been charged with and we went over my options and some scenarios. The months before my court date if i had a question that one of his staff members couldn’t answer Mr. Turner would typically call me back within a 48hr time period. As my day to appear in court was approaching I started to become very nervous Mr. Turner said don’t worry he reviewed all the evidence and felt good about potential outcomes. After months of waiting for court the day had finally arrived we went in Mr. Turner seemed to be a familiar face judging from all the “hello’s and how are things going” he received then he spoke with the prosecutor they came to an agreement which resulted in the main charge being dropped and me pleading out to a lesser offense.