What to Wear to Court?

What do I Wear to Court?

How you appear in court is just as important as how you act.  We always strive to make the best impression on the Court and especially to the Judge.  A general rule is to dress as if you are attending a job interview.


Should Wear:

  • dress slacks
  • belt
  • dress shirt
  • coat
  • tie

Never Wear:

  • hats
  • tank tops
  • jeans
  • shorts
  • t-shirts


Should Wear:

  • dresses
  • dress slacks
  • skirts (knee length or longer)
  • blouse that covers the midsection and shoulders

Never Wear:

  • shorts
  • short skirts or dresses
  • revealing blouses
  • blue jeans

For Men and Women:

  • Never allow your pants to rest below your hips.
  • Never wear expensive jewelry or large amounts of any jewelry.
  • Never wear clothes of any kind with inappropriate writing or symbols.