Auto Accidents

When involved in an auto accident – if we aren’t injured – most people simply contact the police, exchange insurance information, drive home and worry. However, it may be best to contact an experienced auto accident attorney next on the list.

The Don Turner Legal Team is experienced in handling a variety of situations involving collisions from minor fender benders to accidents involving serious injuries. We leverage our knowledge, skill, and experience to help you get fair compensation for damage and injuries given your special situation.

Get Help with an Auto Accident from a Top Legal Team

If you have already been involved in an accident, you are likely struggling with insurance agents, doctors and possibly law enforcement as you try to untangle the complicated situation you find yourself in. Our lawyers are experienced in dealing with every aspect of these cases. After a short consultation to we hear your side of the story, we will get to work towards a sound resolution to your problems.

We look beyond the events of your accident for other potential issues in your case, such as possible manufacturing defects that contributed to the accident or worsened injuries and whether poor road conditions played a role.

Georgia law follows the comparative fault rule. Even if your actions contributed to the accident, you may still be compensated for a percentage of injuries caused by someone else. If a third-party shares responsibility, they may also have to contribute to your compensation.

Contact an Experienced Auto Accident Law Firm in Georgia

What may seem like a simple collision can easily become a complicated legal matter. You should contact a law firm with attorneys who are well-established in handling accident and personal injury matters in Georgia.

Call us at the Don Turner Legal Team today for a free consultation and find out how we can help you get your life back on track after an auto accident.