Felony DUI in Georgia

Don’t take a DUI charge lightly especially if it is considered a felony.

When is a DUI a felony in Georgia?

Even a single DUI is not a light matter. Since most DUI offenses are considered misdemeanors, you can imagine how serious a felony DUI would be in terms of jail time, fines, and the impact it can have on all aspects of your life. Multiple DUIs or serious charges resulting from a DUI could result in a felony record. Georgia takes a very strict stance on DUI enforcement because of the danger posed by drunk drivers. Since most DUI offenses are considered to be misdemeanors, you can imagine how serious a felony would be.

If you have been charged with Felony DUI, you need an expert DUI attorney.

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A DUI can be elevated to a felony if:

  • A passenger or other driver died or was severely injured in an accident.
  • You have been declared a Habitual Violator (from previous DUIs or other serious traffic offenses) and get a DUI.
  • You have children in the car with you.

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