Juvenile Traffic Citations & DUIs

While tickets have never been something to just brush off, it is imperative that young drivers be cautious on how they proceed after receiving a moving violation. Due to Georgia’s Point System, a young driver, a driver under the age of 18, is only allowed to accumulate 4 points in any 12-month period; once 4 points have been added onto a juvenile driver’s license, the license is automatically suspended for a period of six months, during which there is no possibility of obtaining a limited permit or early reinstatement. Following the end of the mandated suspension, a juvenile driver will have to pay reinstatement fees, complete a Defensive Driving class, and retake and pass the Georgia’s driver exam.

Juvenile DUI

In all 50 states, it is illegal to buy or consume alcohol products while under the age of 21 and to drive while impaired. Georgia takes a Zero Tolerance stance on underage drinking, meaning that for those who are under 21, having a blood alcohol concentration of .02% or more will result in a DUI conviction, whether you were technically under the regular legal limit, .08%, or not. A first time DUI conviction, when under 18 but over 16, will result in the license of the juvenile being suspended for six months, if under .08%, or 12 months if over .08%, in addition to having to attend DUI classes, pay reinstatement fees, on top of court costs and any pertinent fines, and retake and pass the Georgia driver exam. It is also likely that the juvenile will be sentenced to complete a short period in jail as well as some community service.

For a detailed chart of standard sentencing for underage DUIs, click here!

The unofficial consequences of getting an underage DUI can include having this offense come up in background checks, having to disclose this offense on financial aid applications, and potentially having to disclose this offense on certain job applications. While having a DUI on your record does not necessarily mean that you will be automatically disqualified from holding certain positions, it will certainly not help your prospects.

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