Client Reviews

G.T. (Smyrna DUI Client)

I had never been pulled over for DUI before. A friend referred me to Don saying, “You will like him. He is good.” Don met with me and explained my options and possible outcomes. The final result is better than he had first suggested and worth every dollar. Don knows how to maneuver through the system and got me better than I deserve. Ashley handled my concerns professionally and promptly. Lesson learned. Don saved me from much worse than I was prepared to accept. I would suggest Don Turner to anyone looking to deal with the legal system.
P.S. Don got me better than I deserved. Thanks again, Don.

Professionalism and knowledge built my confidence

Don and his team said they were going to protect me from a lifetime sentence and that was going to take covering every avenue of my defense from a to z. My life was on the line. I would either be spending the rest of it in prison or the rest of it out of prison as I saw things. Don and his team’s professionalism and knowledge built my confidence, making my day-to-day stress level much more manageable. In the end, Don and his team ended up doing exactly what they told me they were going to try and do. The final disposition of my case turned out to be better than could have ever been expected. Being in court with Don at my side was amazing. I am now writing this letter from home and not from a prison cell

Ryan (Aggravated Sex Crime)
I’m grateful I used this Firm

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everyone’s patience & hard work. I apologize for my punctuality and I’m grateful I used this Firm. Hopefully, I’ll never need your services again, but I will recommend this Firm to anyone who may need it. Thanks again. Ya’ll are the bestest ever!!!!

Taylor (Fulton DUI Case)

Mr. Turner took time to explain how he was going to handle my case ,gave me an understanding of his approach concerning motions and the possible outcomes, when calling turner he always called back promptly. he also worked with the other law firm representing me in the civil case. The criminal case came out with a verdict better that I expected. GREAT LAWYER GREAT JOB!

Frank B. (Civil and Criminal)
An excellent lawyer

Donald Turner is an excellent lawyer. When I was charged with a DUI in Cobb County Mr. Turner not only got the charge taken down to Reckless Driving, but managed to allow me to keep my driver’s license as well. Mr. Turner and his entire staff always had the time to answer questions or set a meeting with me. He and his entire staff were knowledgeable, professional, warm, and courteous. He is the only attorney I would ever turn to if I were in need of legal advice or counsel in the future.

Heather (DUI Client)
Among the best

Don and I have been friends for over 25 years and his skills as a criminal defense lawyers are among the best in the defense bar in Georgia. He is an effective professional and always has the best interest of his clients at heart. More importantly, Don has the legal knowledge to back up his efforts and to prevail on their behalf.

Larry Wolfe, a Fellow Attorney
A highly skilled lawyer

Don Turner is a highly skilled lawyer and a wonderful human being. He is extremely bright, hardworking and tremendously talented in the courtroom. There are some people that you meet and immediately feel a sense of comfort in their presence, that they are thoughtful and have the tremendous confidence in their work that can only be gained through years of experience. Mr. Turner is that person and more. I would highly recommend anyone in need of quality representation speak with Don Turner and experience a compassion and legal acumen rarely found in the legal profession. I can assure you that you will not be disappointed.

William Sherman, a Fellow Attorney
Exemplary service

I wanted to once again thank you for all that you and your staff have done for me in reference to my DUI case. Especially, I would like to point out to you the exemplary service of Don Turner’s team. Not only are they extremely personable and attentive every time I have had to contact the office, but they also pay great attention to detail and appear to really take every client’s individual case to heart.

Elizabeth J. (DUI Client)
It really helps to have such great people like you

Thank you so much for everything, especially your kindness with me. You have no idea just how much it means to me that you have been so kind to me. You guided me through this case and have been there for me with your reassuring words. It really helps to have such great people like you through something like this. I could not be more thankful to have been referred so such a supportive legal team.

Anonymous Client (Criminal Case)
I felt very confident with you

My family and I are so appreciative of you. You and your team did such an unbelievable job of defending me in criminal court. I felt very confident with you handling things. It made me feel comfortable that you always showed confidence and spoke knowledgeably. Every time something was requested or needed by the Judge, it was at the ready. You guys performed a miracle!

Anonymous (Criminal Defense Client)
We’ve added him to our speed dial!

When I got my DUI, I was SO stressed about what I was about to deal with. Mr Turner not only saved my license but made the entire process as simple as possible. I was surprised to receive an actual person every time I called his office. The entire staff was extremely helpful, and Mr. Turner was in contact with me regularly. Since then, I’ve recommended him to family members and friends, all of whom have been very thankful. We’ve added him to our speed dial!

Anonymous (DUI Client)
Very strong and solid reputation and respect among the court officials and judges

Don has handled a number of issues for myself and my family. Besides being very knowledgeable I found that he had a very strong and solid reputation and respect among the court officials and judges who were handling my cases. Fair and sensible in helping me resolve my matters in a common sense manner.

Daniel (DUI Client)
I am very happy I did

After being arrested Mr. Turner came to the detention center I was in he assured me he would do everything in his power to help me. After careful consideration I chose Turner and Associates but more specifically Don Turner to represent me. I am very happy I did so. Once I arrived at his office he explained exactly what I had been charged with and we went over my options and some scenarios. The months before my court date if i had a question that one of his staff members couldn’t answer Mr. Turner would typically call me back within a 48hr time period. As my day to appear in court was approaching I started to become very nervous Mr. Turner said don’t worry he reviewed all the evidence and felt good about potential outcomes. After months of waiting for court the day had finally arrived we went in Mr. Turner seemed to be a familiar face judging from all the “hello’s and how are things going” he received then he spoke with the prosecutor they came to an agreement which resulted in the main charge being dropped and me pleading out to a lesser offense.

Paul (RICO and Drug Offense)
Impressed by how smoothly everything went

Seeing that I’ve had little experience with the criminal justice system, I was impressed by how smoothly everything went. Don was able to negotiate a great plea deal with very lenient sentence conditions. No need to be stressed. Don’s got it covered. I was able to move on with my life.

Jake (DUI Client)
Given me much guidance and helpful information

Mr. Turner has given me much guidance and helpful information over the years. I trust his judgment, and his kind nature has always put me at ease when I have been worried.

Mary (Lifelong Client)