The Importance of Documenting Your Personal Injury Case


Serious accidents of any kind are traumatic, draining, and very often costly. But there is something even more shocking when the accident isn’t your fault! While a personal injury claim can help victims recover medical costs, lost income, and go some way to alleviate pain and suffering, personal injury law is complex and it is vital to follow the correct procedures.

If you are injured in Georgia because of somebody else’s negligence, it is vital to contact an experienced Roswell personal injury attorney as soon as you can. While it is essential to report the accident to the police, never make statements to insurance companies or other parties until you have consulted your attorney.

Why Documenting Your Personal Injury Case is Important

Modified comparative negligence is the legal principle followed in Georgia personal injury law. More specifically, as long as the person claiming damages is found to be less than 50 percent to blame for the accident, that person may claim damages. The court will, though, reduce the percentage of the claim by whatever percentage is deemed to be his or her fault.

Of course, you may believe quite sincerely that the accident was due totally to the negligence of the other party or parties. But proving this in court might not be quite as simple as you imagine because, for instance, it might be argued that you didn’t take the “ordinary care” that would have helped you to avoid the accident or at least minimize its consequences.

This is why the importance of documenting your personal injury case should never be underestimated.

What Documenting Your Personal Injury Case Entails

Whether you are injured in a sports accident, a motor vehicle accident, are bitten by a dog or are injured in your workplace, you need to write down exactly what happened. You might think you will never forget the circumstances, but even the slightest confusion at a later date could count against you and reduce the amount in terms of damages awarded. Ask a friend or family member to take photographs of your injuries as well as any damage to property, your smashed car for instance. If relevant, draw the scene to show what happened. If it was a car accident, mark the position of the vehicles prior to impact as well as where they ended up after the accident. If a dog bit you, indicate on a drawing where you were and where the dog was.

Ask the police for copies of their accident report or, at very least, make sure you get a case number so your Roswell personal injury attorney can obtain a copy. Get the names and contact details of as many witnesses as possible. Your attorney can ask them for statements.

Contact an Expert Roswell Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been injured in an accident and have not yet contacted a personal injury attorney for advice, call Georgia’s Don Turner Legal Team today. We recognize the importance of documenting your personal injury case and will do everything humanly possible to minimize the stress and trauma you have suffered.

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