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When you’re dealing with an insurance company after a motorcycle accident, they will have a lot of questions for you. They’ll be asking about the incident itself, your medical history and perhaps your driving record. Yet, it’s a negotiation process. You should have some questions for the insurance company as well. A good personal injury or motorcycle accident lawyer can tell you what you need to ask the insurer for the liable person, or they can ask them on your behalf.

  1. Ask the insurance company for some written evidence of the policy specifics of the person liable for the accident. This can be a copy of their policy or a “declaration sheet.” The declaration sheet (or page) is a summary of the policy, including the policy limits.
  2. Additionally, you can ask them whether they have set a reserve amount for your case to satisfy the settlement amount. If they have not, perhaps you can surmise that they are planning on arguing that the accident was your fault.
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