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I can still remember my first motorcycle, the Triumph 650 Bonneville, complete with easy rider handlebars, short pipes, and a lot of noise. (That’s probably what I enjoyed about it the most.) Twenty-five years later, I can’t help but chuckle and smile when I think about all the fun I had on that bike.

But like most motorcyclists, I have a close-call story that left me shaken. I was nearly run over by a driver, causing my bike to stand up on its back tire. As my feet hit the ground, I pulled myself back into the bike, which made it look like I knew what I was doing. In reality, I was terrified and naive.

Unfortunately, stories like this aren’t uncommon for motorcyclists. Distracted drivers and motorists who forget to look for motorcyclists put riders in danger every day. In fact, my own perceptions on motorcyclists’ rights were shaped by another personal incident. A close friend of my father was killed in a motorcycle accident when a driver ran him off the road. Those close to this friend knew this accident was the motorist’s fault, but perceptions and small-town gossip placed the blame on my dad’s friend.

Those close to this friend knew this accident was the motorist’s fault, but perceptions and small-town gossip placed the blame on my dad’s friend.

To this day, actions like this anger me; innocent victims do not deserve this treatment. That’s why I compiled a guide for motorcyclists called Ride Ready: Your Motorcycle Guide. This 40-page booklet features all you need to know about taking accident precautions and what to do when you are injured in a motorcycle accident, even if, legally, some of the fault is on you. Readers will learn about what the process is like for clients who work with the Don Turner Legal Team and what our legal team can accomplish for them. This includes document acquisition, correspondence with the insurance company, and any legal filings that need to be made. In addition, you will learn how the various components of the legal process and insurance companies affect you and your case.

The booklet outlines steps we advise clients to take prior to and after an accident. For example, understanding how much insurance you have and what it covers can help you prepare for the aftermath of an accident. Early in my career, I handled a heartbreaking case in which a client of mine lost his leg in a motorcycle accident. I detail more of his story in my booklet, but ultimately, he was not given the proper compensation that a lost limb and lost salary would require because of the low coverage from the other driver’s insurance and his own. I was incredibly upset, and to this day, it’s a motivating factor in the advocacy I do for motorcyclists and injured clients, especially surrounding insurance education.

In my dedication for supporting motorcyclists before, during, and after accidents, I also helped found the National Association of Motorcycle Injury Lawyers. I have spent the majority of my career fighting for victim’s rights and defending those who haven’t been given a fair shake. You deserve fair compensation when careless driving leaves you injured, and I have dedicated much of my work to this idea. I knew there was value in publishing “Ride Ready,” and my decades of experience and the heartbreaking close calls and catastrophic accidents continue to back up this vital information.

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You deserve to know your rights.

– Don Turner

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