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Governor Nathan Deal recently helped Georgia join 9 other states by signing Bill HB 280-“Campus Carry Bill,” which permits licensed firearm owners to carry concealed firearms in specific areas on college campuses in the state of Georgia. This has been a highly controversial piece of legislature for several months with many concerns voiced by the governor before finally passing on May 4th. Bill HB 280 came to light after several college campuses fell victim to mass shootings. The intended purpose of the bill is to allow students and faculty that have concealed carry permits the opportunity to carry concealed firearms in the case of needed self defense against active shooters on campus.

Limitations of Campus Carry HB 280

Although HB 280 allows concealed carry on college campuses in the state of Georgia, there are several areas excluded from the bill where firearms continue to remain prohibited. These areas include:


Since 1982, drunk driving fatalities have decreased by a staggering 51% on our nation’s highways. Experts say causes may be due to multiple reasons. Among underage consumers, alcohol-related driving fatalities have decreased 80%. In 2015, the rate of alcohol-impaired driving fatalities per 100,000 population was 3.2, showing a 65% decrease since 1982, when statistics on drunk driving were first tracked nationally. Drunk driving was still responsible for nearly 1 in 3 of vehicle fatalities in 2015.

Although drunk driving continues to be a problem, overall statistics show that great strides that have been made due to stricter laws, enforcement, and prevention programs. While many people are under the impression services such as Uber or Lyft are responsible for the drop in DUIs, a recent study revealed this is not the case. Many variables, including these newly introduced services, have contributed to the reduction in drunk driving and traffic fatalities.

In studying the 100 most populated areas of the United States from 2009 to 2014, a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study concluded that the following strategies all helped reduce drunk driving-related incidents:


If you’ve ever answered a text, changed destinations on your GPS, or even taken a bite from your Big Mac while driving, you have engaged in distracted driving without even realizing it. Distracted driving is when a person indulges in any activity which takes attention away from the driver’s ability to focus on their main task, safely operating their motor vehicle. Common distractions are activities such as:

  • Texting
  • Eating or drinking
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