Become a BBQ Master: Tips for Staying Safe This Grilling Season


Nothing says summer quite like a barbecue, and July is the peak month for grilling! But before you fire up the charcoal and start inviting the whole neighborhood over, review these grill safety tips.

Keep it clean.

The urge to leave your mess until later is always strong when you have filled yourself with scrumptious grilled treats, but keeping your grill clean is necessary for both safety and taste. After your meal, wipe up any grease or gunk left by your food while the bars of the grill are still warm. After the grill has completely cooled, remove the bars and scrub the additional parts. Every few weeks, deep-clean the grill to ensure that caked-on food and oils don’t damage it or seep into your food. After all, no one wants to taste last week’s burgers on their salmon.

Give it space, but not too much.

Using your grill is a delicate dance of using your space correctly. Keep your grill outside of your home and at least 10 feet away from your home or other structures, such as deck railings. Monitor how much food is placed on the grill too. You need to give your food ample space so the grease and drippings can fall at a safe rate. Lastly, don’t ever leave a grill unattended, even if you are only heating the bars for cleaning. Keep your eye on the grill at all times and watch your surroundings.

Be prepared.

Accidents happen to grill masters and novices alike, but when you’re prepared for possible flare-ups and fires, you can mitigate the disaster from causing extra damage. Have a fire extinguisher ready in the event of a fire, and keep a blanket or towel handy for grease fires. Always turn off the knobs on the grill before you start eating, and check your propane tank before turning the grill on. Your tank should be rust-free and in good condition to limit any possible leaks or malfunctions.

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