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Beat a DUI in Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia DUI Defense Attorney

At the Don Turner Legal Team, our DUI attorneys can fight for you when you have been charged with a DUI. A DUI is a serious offense with major consequences, and you don't want to fight those charges alone. Our top DUI lawyers can help you reduce your charges or have the case dismissed entirely. Contact our Atlanta, GA law office today and find out how we can help you.

Beat a DUI in Georgia

First, just because a police officer arrests you for driving under the influence doesn't mean you're guilty of doing so. This applies even if you refuse to submit to the state-administered breath or blood tests. We will try to get your case dismissed or reduced to a lesser charge. We can often get the State's evidence declared inadmissible - that is, thrown out. We have a history of success representing clients charged with DUI offenses.

A lifelong prosecutor once claimed it is more difficult for a criminal defense attorney to win a DUI trial than it is to win a murder or rape trial. That's why you don't want just any attorney representing you in your DUI case. You want a lawyer who not only knows the law inside and out but also someone who knows the judges, prosecutors, police officers and their training, and expert witnesses. Don Turner has spent over 50 years building reputations and relationships throughout Metro Atlanta and Northern Georgia.

We care about our clients, and we know how to defend every type of DUI case.

Some of Our DUI Success Stories Fulton County

Client was involved in a one-car accident and charged with the ninth DUI in their lifetime.

Client refused to take a breath test or blood test. After carefully reviewing the case, the Don Turner Legal Team was able to determine several discrepancies in the officer’s account of what occurred. Motions to suppress evidence were filed. Seven court appearances later, the DUI was dismissed for lack of evidence.

Cobb County

Client admitted to having two drinks. The Don Turner Legal Team was able to prove the amount of alcohol consumed could NOT scientifically result in a breathalyzer test of 0.12. Through the use of an expert witness, the Don Turner Legal Team convinced the jury that the Intoxilyzer 5000 registered a false reading. Jury Verdict: Not Guilty!

Cherokee County

Client was stopped for speeding, failed the Field Sobriety Tests and refused to take a blood test or a breath test. After a careful & detailed review of all documentation received from the Open Records Request and Discovery, the Don Turner Legal Team determined the officer wrote an incorrect code section on the Uniform Traffic Citation. The case was dismissed at trial.


Client was charged with DUI and breath test results of 0.18. After a careful review of the facts, the Don Turner Legal team discovered that the officer violated the implied consent law by failing to inform the client of their rights. Motions to suppress evidence were filed, and the client was convicted of a lesser traffic charge - reckless driving, thereby avoiding jail time.

Douglas County

Client passed a police officer driving in the opposite direction. The officer did a U-turn and stopped the client for allegedly speeding, failing to maintain lane, and driving with high-beam headlights. Client was subsequently arrested for DUI and submitted to a breath test. After careful investigation and research, the Don Turner requested a Motions Hearing and demonstrated the results of the state-administered breath test were illegally obtained. The presiding judge ruled in favor of the Motion.

We helped these clients, and we can help you. If you have been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, call (770) 594-1777 today for a free consultation. Our skilled DUI defense attorneys can provide you with legal advice and help you get the defense you deserve.

Client Reviews
My wife and I worked with Don on a personal injury case. We appreciate his help in helping us navigate something that neither of us anticipated dealing with. Him and his staff was helpful all along the way. Stephen Newland
I can’t say enough about Don and his team! If you need legal help this is the firm for you. Very professional and attentive and their willingness to take the time and explain each step along the way. Michele Mollon
We are very pleased with the service of the Don Turner Legal Team. They are a very friendly and professional team. Our case has been represented by Lisanne Edelman and she helped us enormously with a great end result. Marnix du Clou
I recently got a traffic citation and was all stressed out on what to do. Luckily, I had a friend who used the services of Lisanne Edelman and the firm at Don Turner Legal Team. Once I called I felt so much more comfortable with my situation and could take a big sigh of relief. Terry Sharp