The Right Fit – Meet Our Dedicated Firm Administrator

Ashley Sampson says she “fell” into her position at Don Turner Legal Team more than four years ago when she heard about the job from Don Turner’s former law partner. His previous law partner was a good friend of Ashley’s, which meant they understood just how dedicated Ashley would be. Four years later, Ashley saysRead More

Get Ride Ready – Don Turner’s Book for Motorcyclists

I can still remember my first motorcycle, the Triumph 650 Bonneville, complete with easy rider handlebars, short pipes, and a lot of noise. (That’s probably what I enjoyed about it the most.) Twenty-five years later, I can’t help but chuckle and smile when I think about all the fun I had on that bike. ButRead More

Heroic Dads Who Didn’t Back Down

Being a parent isn’t always a walk in the park Kids often look up to their father as one of their greatest heroes. There are the long drives to sports tournaments, the late-night movies, and the sweets when Mom isn’t looking. We probably all have some reason to look up to our dad as oneRead More

June 2019 Motorcycle Newsletter

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June 2019 Newsletter

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Fighting for You – Meet our Determined Attorney, Lisanne Edelman

Lisanne Edelman has wanted to be a lawyer since she was 12 years old. Her growing interest in shows like “Law & Order” signaled that a career in prosecution may be in the cards, but her first criminal law class at John Marshall Law School shifted her focus. Students were tasked with researching and presentingRead More

May 2019 Don Turner Legal Team Newsletter

May 2019 Motorcycle Newsletter

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