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Laws and Consequences for Juvenile DUIs in Georgia

Posted by Donald Turner | Feb 16, 2016 | 0 Comments

When you are young, you tend to do things that you aren't very proud of like laying drags, driving way too fast and cruising. It may be embarrassing to look back on but they didn't really do any harm. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for DUI.

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If you are under the age of 21 and you are drinking in Georgia, you are breaking the law unless:

  1. It is for religious purposes as in a church service
  2. You are on private property and you have the consent of your legal guardian

How can you tell if you are too drunk to drive?

In the state of Georgia there is a zero tolerance policy for underage drinking and driving. Even if you are of age, it's best to not take any chances. If you have been drinking, just assume you shouldn't be behind the wheel. But if you are under 21 and you tested with a BAC over .02% then you will get a DUI. The laws for underage DUIs are strict, and it's best to not risk it at all.

Are the penalties less severe for a juvenile?

No. Since underage drinkers are responsible for more than their fair share of alcohol related automobile fatalities, the penalties and standards are much stricter for anyone under 21 years of age.

For instance:

  • If you are convicted of your first DUI and you had a BAC under .08% then you will be facing a 6 month license suspension and 20 hours of community service. If you had a BAC of .08% or over then you will be facing 24 hours of jail time, a 1 year license suspension, and 40 hours of community service.
  • If you receive a second DUI while you are under 21 then you will be facing a minimum of 3 days in jail, a 600 to 1000 dollar fine, a 3 year license suspension and a minimum of 30 hours community service.

Regardless of your age, getting a DUI will follow you for years. If you've been arrested for a DUI, and are underage, it's best to seek legal counsel immediately. At The Don Turner Legal Team we specialize in DUI as well as juvenile defense. Let us help you out of your tough situation, call today for an appointment.

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