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Georgia Police will Crack Down on Impaired Drivers this Holiday Season

Posted by Donald Turner | Dec 19, 2015 | 0 Comments

The holiday season is always a time of the year when drivers should be very concerned about getting a DUI. For Georgia drivers, that is truer than ever this year. Stats released by the state show that DUIs around the holidays have been rising in recent years and this year will be no exception. DUIs are a lucrative business for the state and extremely costly for individuals.

A Zero Tolerance Policy Is in Full Effect for the Holiday Season

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The State of Georgia defines the holiday travel period as December 31st through January 4th. They have labelled this period of time as having “zero tolerance” for impaired drivers on the roadways. The Georgia State Police traditionally arrest hundreds of people during this short period of time, even though they make clear warnings that enforcement efforts will be at maximum levels.

There's always a chance of getting a DUI if you're driving under the influence at any time, but it's even more likely to happen when police have extra patrols targeting people who are breaking this law. Those who ignore the fact the police are publicizing their intensified efforts to catch offenders will face serious penalties if caught.

Follow the Wisdom of Using a Designated Driver

It's understandable that people imbibe more during the holidays, especially when ringing in a New Year. They're in a festive mood and attend many events where celebrations involve alcohol. For this reason, it is always smart to use designated driver, make arrangements to spend the night, or call a taxi if you're planning on drinking. In these scenarios, there is no reason to worry about getting a DUI. Schedule your events carefully and make sure you have transportation plans in place to make sure you don't have an unfortunate – and expensive – run-in with the Georgia State Police this holiday season.

Keep in mind that police in Georgia are very adept at DUI arrests. They're equipped to test drivers for sobriety and will pull over any drivers who have made visible driving mistakes. They also film all encounters, so any clearly intoxicated driver will have a tough time fighting the charge. People who are arrested for DUI also face another unpleasant reality in that their vehicles are impounded.

During the holiday season, State troopers will ride along with members of local law enforcement communities to assist with DUI arrests. People who want to avoid any legal issues associated with driving during this time are well served to not text and drive, keep children in their safety seats, and obey all traffic laws while commuting to and from their holiday events.

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