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Your Conduct in the Courtroom can make all the difference

Whenever you appear before a judge, jury, prosecutors or witnesses, your appearance and conduct will impact how they judge you.  You always want to make a favorable impression on those who may have influence in your case.

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These guidelines will help you to make a favorable impression

  • Always be polite and courteous to anyone you encounter while in the court, as everyone has ties to someone whose judgment of you may impact your case.
  • Always be courteous and respectful to the judge, bailiffs, and all court personnel.
  • Never speak unless advised to by the judge or let us speak on your behalf.
  • If asked a question by the judge, always address the judge as "Your Honor".

Important things to remember while in court, hearings and/or the vicinity of the court, including the parking lot, elevator, etc.:

  • Pay particular attention to questions that are asked.
  • Make sure you understand the question before you answer. 
  • Before you speak, formulate the answer in your mind.
  • Never guess or speculate. Only answer the question if you are sure.
  • Remember, there is nothing wrong with saying "I don't know."
  • Make sure you have fully answered the question. If you feel that the solicitor has interfered with your answer, ask the judge if you can explain
  • If the solicitor is harassing you, being too forceful or isn't allowing you to fully answer the questions, DO NOT argue with him or her. The judge or your lawyer will intervene.
  • Always tell the truth. If you lie, it could damage the case and could even force the case to end in a conviction. You have to assume that the solicitor knows the truth.
  • Make sure you speak loudly and clearly. Your responses are being recorded and, therefore, must be heard. You cannot nod or shrug in lieu of a verbal response. 

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