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  • J. T. (Fulton County DUI Drugs Case)

    November 2016

    Our client was charged with DUI after being stopped for failure to maintain lane.  Upon approaching her vehicle, the officer allegedly smelled marijuana and ultimately charged our client with one count of DUI Drugs, one count of DUI Less Safe, and Failure to Maintain Lane.  After a hearing on our... Read On

  • J.M. (DUI Client)

    October 2016

    Our client was charged with DUI Per Se with a breath test reading of 0.16.  When finally called for trial, his case was 26 months old.  The state asked for a continuance as the discovery was still incomplete.  We successfully objected and requested a hearing on the client's constitutional right t... Read On

  • B.C. (DUI Client)

    June 2016

    Our client was facing his third DUI charge in 10 years. When arrested, his breath test reading was allegedly a 0.21, almost three times the legal limit. After reviewing discovery, including the video, we successfully convinced the prosecutor to dismiss the case for lack of reasonable articulable ... Read On

  • J.K. (Felony Drug)

    April 2016

    Our client was facing felony heroin possession charges in Cobb County Superior Court. We knew we could prove the drugs belonged to a passenger, a young man that he had been trying to mentor. He was petrified. Trying to help someone was about to land him in jail, cost him his job of 20 years, and ... Read On

  • T.C. (DUI-Drug Client)

    January 2016

    Our client was facing a DUI-Drug and marijuana possession charges. He refused the breath test, but had admitted to recreational marijuana use. After searching his vehicle, marijuana residue was also found. After reviewing the reports and videos, we found several weaknesses in the State's case inc... Read On

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